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BTS: The Making of our Spring Greenhouse Window

We're currently preparing to refresh our shop for this spring, and it has us thinking back to one of our all time favorite window displays! Our spring 2023 store window display was inspired by Provence and the French countryside dotted with aged greenhouses overgrown with vines and crumbling bricks. We love to approach our window displays with a grand, overarching theme that we distill down to work within our space constraints.


For this window, we really wanted to indicate the architectural structure of a greenhouse, so we built out simple framing with 2x2" wood boards stained black. To further establish the structure, we installed a brick facade along the base of the window platform to form the foundation of the greenhouse.



We painted our wood floor in a tonal white on sand harlequin pattern to feel like aged tile. To create the feeling of looking out the door of the greenhouse into the garden - we utilized a beautiful peel & stick wallpaper mural from Rebel Walls. We added a lovely green metal Hay bench in front of the feature wall for the perfect photo op spot!



One of the challenges of our window is the extreme amount of heat and direct sun it gets throughout the day (hello, greenhouse!) That means we have to be mindful of any plants or products that are placed in the window. Real daffodils wouldn't last long there, so our design team member, Kim, crafted handmade paper daffodils out of crepe paper that we "potted" in hand painted terra cotta pots accented with dried Spanish moss. These handcrafted elements are a huge part of making every window display extra special!



With our "greenhouse" structure in place, we drove home the concept by displaying all our garden products including tools, watering cans, seeds, and even garden flats from our friend Kaitlin from Wild for Wildflowers (the plant seedlings loved the hot greenhouse environment in our front window!)



We love the permanence of the structure we built - and we are planning to keep it up for the next few window iterations - but will re-imagine it for the next shop theme. Stay tuned to see how we transform it again!


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