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Benjamin Wallpaper

  • $6.24
Forest Green
Sage Green
Misty Blue
Based on an old fabric design, Benjamin references the oak leaf, synonymous with Sandberg’s logo. The rhythmic twists and turns of branches adorned with exotic birds brings a joyous note to the design that’s guaranteed to brighten your day. This Benjamin wallpaper has the colorway sage green.
Designed by Studio Sandberg
  • Very good light fastness - resistant to sunlight, not easily bleached
  • Washable - can be wiped down gently with a damp cloth
  • Paste the Wall - Apply the paste directly to the wall then fix the paper on top

Notes on Ordering Wallpaper:

Price is per square feet. 
Minimum Order (32 sq ft)
To order a 8" x 12" sample, select "Sample" from the options above. 

Please allow 10-15 business days to receive your wallpaper order. Need help calculating how many rolls you need? Send a note to with the width and height of all the walls you plan to paper and we'll send you the total rolls needed!

About Sandberg Wallpaper:

Sandberg Wallpaper, based in Sweden, was founded by the Sandberg family and is now part of Gimmersta Group which has specialized in wallpapers since the 1920s. Sandberg's love of craftsmanship is evident in every line and brushstroke made to create beautiful and sustainable designs. Each wallpaper design is initially drawn entirely by hand. We are thrilled to be the only retail shop in Virginia that offers this special line of handcrafted paper!