Reusable Everyday Silicone Ice Box – wldwst

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Reusable Everyday Silicone Ice Box

  • $25.00

Perfect for gifting - refresh their kitchen, their barware sets, and new home/ apartment living spaces with our best in class ice trays!

This silicone tray freezes & stores (3) trays of perfect ice cubes, so you’ll never run out. The lid protects against freezer odors and allows for easy stacking — remove it to use the tray as an elegant tableside ice bucket. It's a better looking ice tray with better looking ice, so you can elevate your everyday drinking.

Flexible silicone tray makes it easy to pop out a single cube, while the rigid lid snaps onto the base or tray for safe storage and to keep freezer odors out. Make and store 96 perfect ice cubes in one tidy footprint. 

Ice tray is made from soft premium silicone while the lid and box are made from durable BPA-free plastic.