Room Spray by Lineage – wldwst

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Room Spray by Lineage

  • $13.00

Lineage's room spray is perfect for freshening up your home, linens, or clothing.

Made the Lineage workshop in Harrisonburg, Virginia with premium fragrance oils, alcohol, and water. Comes in an amber glass bottle with spray mister cap. 3.75 oz net weight.

Tobacco & Spice offers a complex, earthy blend of aged tobacco, pepper, vetiver, and sandalwood.

Bookjack a mix of lavender, seasoned oak, sage, and perhaps even leather. It’s a fresh scent, not overly masculine or feminine. There’s an underlying rich and somewhat earthy note that comes across as warm and amber-like. 

Appalachian Woodsmoke is a mix of oak, pine, amber, fir, and even cedar - just some of the notes that mark the unmistakable fragrance of a campfire. 

Palo Santo draws inspiration from the iconic palo santo wood. It features resinous, woody notes mingling with sweet, fragrant smoke. This complex and nostalgic blend captures familiar notes of palo santo, oud, sandalwood, and smoke.

Eucalyptus & Birch is a clean and crisp scent that offers notes of eucalyptus, cypress, and white birch, tempered with the slightly sweet tonka bean.