Peace by Spencer Beck – wldwst

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Peace by Spencer Beck

  • $165.00

Original Painting by Spencer Beck, 6x8 acrylic & collage on heavyweight paper, 14 x 18 framed. 

From his SUMMER SOLSTICE collection, this collection also doubles as a pride collection and most of the pieces are based on the original Pride flag, made by Gilbert Baker in 1978. When he created the flag, it included pink & turquoise, which were later removed due to dye unavailability. Baker ascribed a meaning to each color: pink for sex, red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, turquoise for magic [some sources also say the turquoise stood for art], blue for peace, & purple for spirit.

Spencer painted these using acrylic paint and these pieces also include a strip of text from a handwritten ledger from June of 1913, all specifically chosen because they were from June, & include Pride-related words, like “support,” “accept,” “special,” “interesting,” et cetera.

Spencer is an artist, creator, and self-proclaimed aesthete (with sybaritic tendencies!) raised in San Diego, and currently living outside of Washington DC with his husband and their perfect pup.

A childhood of creative endeavors—and a global pandemic—led Spencer to pursue art as a full-time career. His pieces, which began as a way to pass the time during quarantine, have turned into a body of work that is currently collected in homes nationally and internationally, from Montréal to Málaga.