Saint Morgan Hand & Body Lotion – wldwst

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Saint Morgan Hand & Body Lotion

  • $24.00

A luxurious and lightweight formula rich in vitamin E & natural oils. This fragrant, fast-absorbing, and instantly hydrating lotion offers a nourishing experience that leaves behind a delicate scent and revitalized glow. How to Use: Dispense a liberal amount and massage into skin until completely absorbed.
8.5 fl oz.

Blood Orange & Teak: Orange Citrus, Bergamot, Cardamom, & Teakwood. A zestful fusion of sparkling citrus and musky wood. A tangy burst of tuscan blood orange and bergamot infused with a hint of spice, and the warmth and richness of aged teakwood.

Mexico CityBergamot, Amber, Oud & Clove. A blend of zest, warmth, and energy, inspired by the city’s vibrant culture, lively streets, and unique charm. Citrus, spice, wood, and oud capture and combine the passion and timeless sophistication of both the people and places within.

Vetiver & Fig: Vetiver, Fig, Vanilla, & Musk. A soft and delicate aroma of sweet,ripe figs, warm vanilla, musk, lavender, & white lilies; complemented by subtle hints of vetiver and oud.